Ground Coffee Beans


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With coffee first being originally enjoyed by Ethiopians centuries ago, you could say it’s in their blood. Ever since a wandering monk noticed goats acting strange after eating the red berries, we’ve been coming together over locally grown Arabica coffee with family and friends since time immemorial.

Abyssinia Coffee represents the very best blend of Ethiopia’s premier YIRGACHEFFE Arabica coffee beans. Hand-picked from superior coffee farms in the Gedeo region of Ethiopia, our premium Arabica beans are double washed to ensure the highest quality product and enhance your drinking pleasure.

We employ a distinctive roasting process with low temperatures applied over longer periods. Our unique style preserves the grade one Arabica beans’ distinct rich flavours and well bodied undertones. With flowery and spicy elements adding to an array of fruity flavours, our YIRGACHEFFE Arabica beans offer a layered and complex taste for the discerning palette.

Grown by artisan coffee farmers and co-ops, our YIRGACHEFFE Arabica beans support small Ethiopian land holders and their local communities.

Freshness is assured with our one-way valve on an extra thick bag in combination with short best before dates no longer than eight months from production.

Only take coffee out of the bag when you intend to use it. Ensure your bag is resealed properly.

Produced in Ethiopia
Imported by Abyssinia Coffee, Brisbane QLD.

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250g, 500g, 1kg


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